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My main clinical interests are gynecologic surgery, gynecologic and reproductive endocrinology and pelvic floor diseases.

I have dedicated myself to mini-invasive techniques in gynecologic surgery. These techniques decrease the impact of major surgical procedures on the patient, reducing pain, functional limitation and scars. I use laparoscopy to perform highly complex procedures, such as the removal of very large uteri, complex miomectomies, advanced endometriosis and uterine and cervical cancers, pelvic and lombo-aortic lymphadenectomy. I have a large experience with traditional “open” surgery applied to gynecologic diseases and particularly to the treatment of advanced stage ovarian cancer. I have performed more than 3000 high-complexity surgical procedures.

I have a great passion for robotic surgery, which provides enormous advantages in terms of precision and surgical accuracy in highly complex  situations,allowing to extend the limits of applications of the mini-invasive approach. I am one of the most experienced Italian surgeons in robotic benign and oncologic gynecologic surgery. I am the first Italian surgeon and one of the few in the World to apply this innovative technology to the reconstruction of complex pelvic floor defects.


I lead one of the main Italian centers for the diagnosis and treatment of pelvic organ prolapse and female incontinence and pelvic floor diseases. The center uses a multidisciplinary approach for the workup and treatment of these complex and invalidating female diseases. I am an expert in all the transvaginal surgical reconstructive techniques for pelvic organ prolapse and urinary incontinence, both with native tissues and as well as with meshes. I also dedicate myself to integrated uro-gynecologic and proctologic surgery for the management of multi-compartmental pelvic floor defects.

I have a broad interest in gynecologic and reproductive endocrinology and for menopausal medicine, and i belong to the governing Boards of the main Scientific Societies in this area.