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The University Master on multidisciplinary Pelvic Floor Surgery provides a multidisciplinary professional update on pelvic floor diseases and on their management.

The Master course includes an update on anatomy, on pathophysiology and on clinical workup of the patient with pelvic floor dysfunction. In particular, the course provides hands-on teaching on the management of these patients and on the multidisciplinary instrumental and imaging techniques for the study of pelvic floor diseases through a real-life ambulatory practice experience.

During the Master course the rehabilitation strategies, the medical and hormonal approaches as well as the neuromodulatory approaches will be addressed, with a multidisciplinary view on their indication for the treatment of pelvic floor disorders that interest urologists, gynecologists, gastroenterologists, proctologists and experts in sexology. The Master includes practical video sessions, learning sessions on simulators as well as direct presence in the operating room to learn the traditional and more modern multidisciplinary surgical techniques for the correction of pelvic floor defects. A specific attention will be devoted to the demonstration of the rationale and technical tricks of the laparoscopic and robotic strategies applied to pelvic floor reconstructive surgery.